The facts vs. climate control

Published 9:19 am Friday, May 10, 2024

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By this time we all should be aware of the efforts to use CLIMATE CHANGE as a means to justify the banning of all fossil fuels. Its biggest media push began with Al Gore and his notorious claims in the book AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH published in 2006. By his claims, part of New York City should be under water today. It never even got close to happening. It was only more hype. So why should people still believe this scenario? Why do people believe the results from climate change models that have not come true in the last 15 or so years? The models  have a poor track record. This can be attributed to covering up the facts in conjunction with a media and educational system that uses fear tactics to indoctrinate people. Then you have many liberals or liberal organizations who pay groups to demonstrate. The sad part is that once you get people sufficiently indoctrinated they don’t care about facts. They could care less if the models are incorrect. But if the models are being developed in seemingly good faith what is missing?

Well, let’s discuss weather in general. What happens when we go through a dry spell or drought? Water evaporates. Lake levels drop, stream flow decreases and ponds dry up. Where does that evaporated water go? It goes into the atmosphere. Remember that the total amount of water on earth never changes. It just changes form and locations. So the evaporated water will eventually form into clouds then rain/snow. This could occur regionally or it may be moved by wind currents to other locations but clouds will eventually form. In any event we have all experienced the cooling down effect of cloud cover as well as the temperature increase in the absence of cloud cover. When the earth goes through what is referred to as a dry spell (global temperature increase) then evaporation increases due to the temperature which leads to increased cloud formation which leads to a cooling down of the earth. In the opposite situation if the earth gets too cool, evaporation decreases and the amount of cloud cover decreases thus the earth begins to warm again. This scenario may occur regionally or globally. This phenomena is supported by satellite photos of the earth which show that the total cloud cover of the earth varies from about 30% to 80%. Since clouds reflect sunlight what do you think happens to the earth’s average temperature as the cloud cover varies within this range. As you approach the 80% cloud cover the earth cools down; i.e., the global average temperature of the earth goes down. Thus evaporation decreases. This leads to less cloud cover. As you reach the 30% cloud range the earth tends to get hotter; i.e., the average global temperature goes up. This leads to greater evaporation and the cycle starts over again. Thus the water cycle of cloud formation and rain (evaporation and condensation) is God’s perfect mechanism to put bounds on the global temperature levels. The length of these cycles may vary from a few years to centuries.

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But there are a host of other variables that interact with the so-called cloud cycle to lead to occasional extremes. This includes the rotation of the earth and the moon earth interaction, the tilting of the earth on its axis and the associated  seasons. Sun activity (spots) and other x-celestial activity also have an effect on the climate for long-term events and short-term extremes. Volcanic activity can occasionally have an effect. When all of these variables come together in a certain sequence you can have an ultimate extreme. This would be extremely usual. In a recent presentation Dr. Ben Carson stated the fact that “if we did not have weather change the earth would die.” If you step back and look at the complete weather cycle relative to just agriculture and even your lawn you know this is a fact. For additional information relative to the cloud cycle look up presentations and write-ups by Nobel Prize winner Dr. John Clauser. Hopefully his information has not been removed from the media platforms or email since it disagrees with the climate change agenda.

Now back to the models. Why don’t the present day weather models predict this behavior? It is because they either ignore or do not properly account for the cloud cover effect. If the models did properly account for the proper interaction of clouds you would not see the dire climate changes that are claimed. They would not be able to make the outlandish claims that the earth (the whole world) will be destroyed unless we take drastic measures. These drastic measures are all associated with eliminating all sources of carbon dioxide (CO-2) and to a lesser extent methane. This means the elimination of all combustion engines/devices such as automobiles, jet planes, lawn and utility vehicles, gas stoves and grills, coal fired boilers for making electricity or steam to run large industrial plants, large cranes and earth moving equipment, pave the highways, etc. These liberal people even want to reduce animal populations since they are a source of methane. No doubt they may want to extend this to population control. In any event you may even see mandates and/or executive orders to promote this agenda; i.e., electrical car mandates, solar farm mandates, windmill mandates, etc. But if the cloud effect is properly included all of this nonsense would be eliminated and the agenda of the World Economic Forum (The Great Reset/Klaus Schwab) and the United Nations would be destroyed. This whole scheme of climate control madness is to have a means to control people and install a one world socialist government. That is the whole agenda of these two organizations and the leaders of many countries go along with it because they think they will benefit from the end results and be a part of the world control system. They seek to be god. That is the final goal as it was in the fall in the Garden of Eden.

(J. Ronald Winter is a local resident, who keeps abreast of many issues, including climate change.)