Missionary work is a high calling

Published 8:18 am Thursday, May 16, 2024

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From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham


Dear Rev. Graham: I’m struggling about leaving my job to do mission work. Several of my friends have done this and are traveling the world. It seems like a good thing to do – expand my life and do good things for people at the same time, but my wife is opposed to giving up a steady income. Isn’t this a bad reason not to do mission work? – M.W.

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Dear M.W.: The Bible’s full of people from all walks of life. The woman at the well in Samaria met Jesus and it changed her life. In fact, she became an instant missionary and rushed to her own city to tell others about Jesus.

Some people believe they can do God’s work only on a mission field, far from home. Missionary work is a high calling, but if God called every believer to foreign missions, there would be no Gospel light in our schools, neighborhoods, businesses, governments, or churches; these are also mission fields. God’s people are called to service – obeying Him is service to Him. This places a tremendous responsibility on all of us. Every believer is called to shine the light of God wherever they are.

A young mother once wrote asking how she could serve the Lord and was offended when the suggestion was made that she serve Christ right in her home. That was her mission field. We must be careful that we don’t look for ways to serve out of a sense of adventure. The mission field can be right under our own roofs, among our own family, and in our own communities and churches.

Today, Christian service is often mistaken for humanitarian service and some have the spirit of adventure rather than a calling from God. Start where you are. Be faithful, and watch what the Lord will do.


(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)