Winter’s reply to climate control comments

Published 10:09 am Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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To the Editor:

I appreciate D. McCoy’s comments on my article on climate change. Different viewpoints and experiences are critical to the survival of our nation. In the comments I wish the names of some prominent climate/weather researchers and who supports them had been listed.

Relative to clouds, this person is absolutely correct in that they are difficult to simulate. The different types of clouds, how they form and their interaction with the numerous other variables is very complex. Another variable that I failed to mention that makes predictions difficult in our area is topography. Mountains, hills and valleys can have a major effect in certain regions. The Appalachian Mountains in our area make it very difficult in many situations to make accurate short-term predictions; i.e., for a week or more.

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Fortunately we have good weather records that are very useful in making short range (yearly or seasonal) predictions. If you see certain conditions occurring at the beginning of the year or a season and you see similar events historically then you can conclude that similar weather will occur for that year or season. This works quite well.

Pure independent weather research that is not politically motivated and does not push an agenda is not socialistic. But if the research is used to support liberal agendas or if the research is biased to support liberal political agendas there is a good chance it will be used to promote socialism. If opposing views are censured is another example of a push toward a one world socialistic system. Also, beware if it is supported by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and/or the UN with a push to eliminate the use of fossil fuels due to CO2. There is no consensus on the effect of CO2 relative to catastrophic heating of the earth in the future or that it significantly affects climate change. It is necessary for plant life.

Man has tried in recent history to control weather as a means of controlling the world. Various patented techniques have been used. In the present day the use of ionized particles (aluminum, boron, etc.) sprayed from planes at high altitudes is an attempt to control the weather. Tennessee has outlawed such spraying.


J. Ronald Winter