Take time to tell Mom she is special

Published 8:54 am Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom, Mama, Mother. Whatever you call her, today is her day.
The title alone is synonymous with unconditional love.
Today is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives – and all they give to their families, and to society as a whole.
Everyone makes a big deal about Mother’s Day, as they should. Without moms, where would any of us be? As much as dads are important, it’s mothers who literally give us our lives and do most of the heavy lifting in parenting us during our early years. Which is why moms really deserve to be honoured every day, and not just with a box of candy or a bunch of flowers once a year.
A mother’s contributions aren’t always extravagant — or glamorous. They come in the form of sleepless nights she spends sitting up with her sick child, and hours spent helping with homework and last-minute school projects. They are found in hot meals on the table and rides to and from practices, friends’ houses and movie theaters. Later, they’re evident in her tears upon seeing her daughter in the perfect wedding gown, leaving no doubt that it’s “the one,” and the words of advice she dispenses to her son as he begins his own family.
Mothers are hard to describe because they are so much to us.
A mother’s love is the deepest. Her caring is selfless, and she protects her children as no other.
She’s the doctor of the family, the teacher, the coach, the encourager, and sometimes, the referee. She’s your best friend.
She’s perceptive — knows what you are thinking even when you’re putting on your best disguise. Everyone knows that mothers have eyes in the back of their head.
She can praise you to high heaven — and whip you in to shape when you need it.
She has no problem forgiving when you do wrong, and she’s the first to pat you on the back when you do something good.
When your heart breaks, so does hers.
She’ll do without the things she needs so that you have things you simply want.
She fed you, changed your diaper, wiped your tears, bandaged your scrapes and cuts, patted your head, gave you a kiss and sent you on your way to become an adult.
As we pause today to thank our mothers, trying in some small way t to repay their gentleness and generosity, we should also resolve to do so more often. For all that they do, and for everything that they are, mothers deserve more gratitude than can be expressed on a single May day.
Today, if your mother is still living, do something to let her know how special she is.
We can pay tribute to our mothers every day by living their example — and by being the kind of people they can be proud of. By giving of ourselves, we acknowledge their many sacrifices, and in listening to our inner voice, we do justice to their wise words.
Today, be sure to say “I love you.” Those three little words will be the most welcome gift of all.T

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