EPD issues warning on scam operation

Published 8:38 am Monday, June 23, 2014

The Elizabethton Police Department has issued a warning about a potential scam that has been reported in the area.
Residents have reported being contacted by individuals calling from an out-of-area phone number who are saying they are employed by computer companies. These subjects are offering online assistance in computer upgrading, virus protection, etc.
The caller then instructs the resident to follow procedures that allow the caller to access and control the computer remotely, and then begins to alter the computer’s settings and security functions.
Most commonly, the caller then requests some form of payment for the service. In some instances, residents have reported damage to the operating system and function of their computer after allowing this action to take place.
“We ask that the general public be cautious if contacted in such a manner,” the public service announcement said. “Although there are legitimate businesses practices which could be operated in this manner, some of the reports which we have received indicate that the actions are questionable.”

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