Writer calls for a ‘Yes on 1’ vote

Published 11:05 pm Friday, June 27, 2014

To the editor:

In 2000, four judges on the Tennessee Supreme Court took upon themselves to create a so-called, “right to abortion” in our state’s constitution.

The new “right” overturned all kinds of common sense safeguards, including the law that required state health inspectors to license abortion facilities. The Court declared unconstitutional two-day post-counseling waiting periods an informed consent law and a law requiring hospitalization for risky late-term abortions, stating that the laws violated privacy rights.

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Tennessee is among the most pro-life states in America. Yet because of these four judges Tennessee has become an abortion destination due to lack of common sense regulation of abortion in our state. Now 23 percent of all abortions being done in Tennessee are sought by women residing in another state. Tennessee now ranks 3rd in America in the number of out-of-state abortions.

Certainly this doesn’t represent who we are as Christian Tennesseans, who should love their neighbors in the womb. So please join me and other pro-lifers and vote Yes on 1 in November.

Passing Amendment 1 will allow our elected state legislators to once again pass protective measures for unborn children and their mothers, including regulation of abortion clinics.

The “house of horrors” that Gosnell ran and the abortion clinics of Tennessee have this in common — they are unregulated. Similar deplorable conditions might be found in any of Tennessee’s abortion clinics. The media remains silent about the scientific research that links abortion to breast cancer and other medical problems and about the pain the unborn experience. They have aborted the truth. Abortion is a right that’s wrong. Abortion is the most violent ongoing evil in America. “Coexist with the unborn.”


D.D. Nave