Lynn Valley Decorating takes pride on decorating and flooring services

Published 9:20 am Monday, September 22, 2014

Photo by Bryce Phillips For the past 10 years Jan Hinshaw has provided customers with personalized decorating assistance while managing Lynn Valley Decorating.

Photo by Bryce Phillips
For the past 10 years Jan Hinshaw has provided customers with personalized decorating assistance while managing Lynn Valley Decorating.

The Lynn Valley Decorating Center has been in operation for many years, since 1976 to be exact, and the company prides itself on providing experienced floor installation and personalized decorating assistance.
They offer many services from wallpaper to several types of flooring, to their much appreciated decorative solutions.
The business is owned by Bill and Virginia Crawford and has been run for the last ten years by their daughter Jan Hinshaw, who enjoys working with customers to help coordinate and create their dream homes.
“I enjoy helping people decorate their homes,” said Hinshaw. “Some people come in and they have no earthly idea what they want. And so they will say, ‘You tell me what you think will look good.’ So, then I get to start putting things together for them and usually they really like it.”
Decorating is something that Hinshaw has always had an eye for, and she also said, the hardest part about helping others renovate their places is the fact that everyone has their own tastes.
“So I have to adapt to the style of home, you know, the different customers have, and reprogram my mind to fit their needs,” Hinshaw said.
Customers who patronize Lynn Valley Decorating may be surprised to learn that Hinshaw does not charge for her assistance and does it just because she loves it. Hinshaw said she usually spends up to a week helping a client with their decoration needs.
Hinshaw and her family take delight in providing what they call a “Christian atmosphere” in their store.
“Sometimes people will, while in the midst of shopping, start telling me things that they are going through,” said Hinshaw. “I am able to develop a really good relationship with them, because I can kind of offer them hope, you know, in the Lord and just encourage them.”
Hinshaw said they try to do more than just help individuals with their home decor needs, they also want to provide listening ears.
“Sometimes it is just more than wanting to come and buy carpet and wallpaper,” said Hinshaw. “They are going through something and they just need somebody to listen to them and talk to them.”
Throughout the years, Hinshaw and her family have made many friends and gained many returning customers.
“You know this is a small town and word, good or bad, travels fast,” said Hinshaw. “You know, we really stand behind our work and what we do.”
This year, Lynn Valley Decorating won the Reader’s Choice Awards for the best carpeting and flooring store and the best home decor store. Hinshaw said that she was surprised when she learned about the awards and feels the individual attention they provide to each customer is what helped them get the votes.
“I’ve had several customers tell me that they like the personal service that a smaller family owned store can give you. Versus a big box store, where you cannot find anybody to wait on you,” Hinshaw said.
Everyone at Lynn Valley Decorating is very happy and appreciative of the individuals who voted for them.
“We are very grateful for the confidence the community has put in us to go in and decorate their homes for them,” said Hinshaw. “We just appreciate them voting for us and we look forward to many more years of working with this community.”

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