Golf pair are winning combination

Published 8:14 am Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Star Photo/Bryce Phillips Seniors Savana Weddle, left, and Hanah Brumitt, right, are the Lady Bulldogs only golfers this season, and they are making waves with a 6-0 record in team play.

Star Photo/Bryce Phillips
Seniors Savana Weddle, left, and Hanah Brumitt, right, are the Lady Bulldogs only golfers this season, and they are making waves with a 6-0 record in team play.

This year, the Lady Bulldogs’ golf team is made up of two seniors, and they are making sure their last season of high school golf is going to be big.
Hanah Brumitt and Savana Weddle are a on roll. They have won all of their matches this season, giving themselves a 6-0 record in team play.
Brumitt, who was on a four-match individual winning streak before last Wednesday’s match, felt that the her team had an advantage this season but never knew they would doing this well, she said.
“I knew that we had a pretty good advantage were me and Savana had played all four years,” Brumitt said. “We have been getting better and better every year. A lot of other teams have lost golfers from last year, so I figured we would do pretty good, but not as good as we are doing.”
Brumitt has been a force on the golf course this season. She started out the season on fire, with her and Weddle sharing the lowest score of 42 during the first match of the season. Brumitt kept things rolling as she recorded the lowest the score in her next for matches, which is something see never expected to do.
“There are girls who are just like Savana and I, that have played all four years” Brumitt said. “. . . They know the course just as well as we do. Being able to come out and get four medals is something I never could have dreamed of.”
Brumitt’s medal-streak came to an end last Wednesday, during a golf match at the Elizabethton Golf Course that involved Sullivan East and the Carter County teams. However, Brumitt wasn’t down about her streak being over, because it was her teammate Weddle who had took the medalist spot with a 39 as Brumitt still shot an impressive 41, her lowest score of the season. With their scores combined, which came out to an all-time low of 80, with both girls scoring personal best, the Lady Bulldogs were able to pull out their sixth win of the season.
“Savana and I pulled out our best of all time, which we needed to do to beat East,” Brumitt said. “. . .With her coming up with a 39, I was ecstatic for her. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to get it.”
The day Weddle shot a 39, she was just wanting to go out and have fun and not worry about scores, she said.“I told a girl from Elizabethton that I normally play with, that I just wanted to have fun.” Weddle said. “I wasn’t trying to win. I just wanted to have a really good day. I had a couple of great holes, and then I had two holes that I really messed up on, but I made up for it.
“I birdied on hole two, which helped to pull my score back down,” she added.
While one the course, Weddle knew she was doing pretty well, she said.
“When we got to the final hole, I told my self, ‘I am three over. The worst I can do is six over,” Weddle said “I was totally fine with were I was at. But then I pared it, so I was just three over. I was kind of nervous.”
Out on the golf course, Brumitt and Weddle do not get to talk to each other much, and communicate with thumbs up or down. While they do play as a team, it is still an individual sport, Weddle said.
“It is not you playing against another individual,” she said. “ It is you playing against the golf course. All of my problems is the mental game. If I get mad or frustrated on a hole, then typically on the next hole I will do the same thing until I cool down.
“So we don’t really have a system,” Weddle added. “It is pretty much just telling one another good luck, because there isn’t really anything we can do to help one another.”
At this point in the season, with their momentum, skies are the limits for the Lady Bulldogs, Brumitt said. With Weddle and Brumitt both making it to regionals last season, the Lady Bulldogs are hoping to repeat last year’s successes.
“I think we could go pretty far,” she said. “District and regionals are right around the corner, and I think we can do really well.
Today, the Lady Bulldogs and a whole slew of other Carter County teams will be on the Elizabethton Golf Course.

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