Honoring the Fallen

Published 8:45 am Saturday, May 28, 2016

Roll Call
The Elizabethton Star would like to express our deepest thanks to all veterans. Your courage and dedication to our country is truly an inspiration. This Memorial Day, we at the Star would like to take the opportunity to remember those in our community who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation. Listed below are the names of Carter County veterans who died in combat. The names of these heroes can be found engraved in marble in the War Memorial located in downtown. We would like to ask all of our readers to take a moment this holiday weekend to think of these brave veterans and the families they left behind.

World War I
Charles H. Alberston; Lawrence F. Allen; Henry F. Angel; Fredrick Barlow; Hubert Barron; William S. Blevins; Samuel M. Bowers; Elbert Bowman; Charles E. Cook; John Dayton; Walter Deloach; James R. Geisler; Smith Grindstaff; Lawson J. Hamby; Walter H. Heaton; Roby Hendrix; Fred C. Hicks; Bernie Hilton; Claude Hopson; Edward ingram; John Ingram; Clarence Johnson; Charles S. Lacey; Orville E. Lewis; Walter Lyons; Joseph R. Main; George Markland; Bascom McKinney; Claude McKinney; Edward Miller; Will Miller; Milburn Moffitt; Jessee Nave; Blaine Perkins; Lee Pritchett; Clifton Roark; Charles F. Roe; Robert L. Scott; Fred Shatley; Cecil Smith; Stacy Smith; Blan S. Stout; R.C. Tucker; William M. Ward; Paul Williams; Rothsey E. Williams; Tyler Wilson; William E. Wilson; Daniel Wright; and Arthur Winters.

World War II
Clyde Adkins; Shona K. Aldridge; Grant E. Allen; Timothy Ahern; Clyde T. Angel; Allison A. Arrowood; Paul T. Barnett; Barney C. Bennett; John S. Birchfield; Conrad C. Bitzer; John S. Bowers; Samuel M. Bowers; Felix R. Brewer; Bascom Bryant; Herman Buchanan; James S. Buckles; Paul Burnett; Clay Byers; Junior R. Calloway; William V. Campbell; Clarence Carden; Paul B. Carter; Lloyd E. Carver; Charles W. Clamon; Brownlow A. Clawson; Cleve J. Clawson; James C. Coggins Jr.; Farrell R. Collins; Earle P. Cooke; Paul B. Crabree; Dewey E. Crowe; Cecil Culver; Stanley Curry; Kenneth W. Daivs; Robert C. Davis Jr; Robert L. Davis; Robert Deloach; William T. Deloach; William E. Denney; Robert C. Duff; William G. Dunn; Eldridge S. Edens; George S. Ellis; Thurman H. Estep; Charles B. Franklin; James Freeman; J.C. Gentry; Hughes W. Gobble; Karl F. Grindstaff; Ira J. Hardin; Howard R. Heaton; John E. Heaton; Leon Helton; Merlin B. Hicks; Robert H. Hilton; Edwin Hines; Rhudy L. Hinkle; Wesley J. Holden; Avery Hopson; Frank Hopson; Clifford B. Hyder; Olin Jacobs; Oden D. Johnson; Dillar L. Kerley; John P. Keys; Glen E. Huhn; Walter J. Lang; George E. Laws; John O. Lewis; Robinson Lewis; Albert E. Livingston; Howard E. Little; James B. Little; France E. Lothery; Harry C. Markland; Worley S. Markland; William O. McCloud; Lewis McKeehan; Tommy E. McKeehan; David R. McQueen; Ira L. Meredith; Thoams R. Michael; Delmer D. Miles; Herman E. Milhorn; Avery R. Miller; David R. Miller; Herman Miller; Albert R. Moore; Joseph W. Morrell; James W. Munsey Jr.; Herschell L. Nave; Robert R. Norman; Glenn S. Oliver; James E. Peoples; Bruce W. Perry; Elwyn S. Perry; George W. Persinger; Alvin L. Pierce; Walter D. Pierce; Jack L. Pleasant; Warren C. Price; Leonard B. Pritchard; Robert F. Rainwater; Raymond F. Range; Clarence G. Roe; Martin E. Rosenbaum; William C. Runyan; John E. Russell; Walter M. Shields; Elmer J. Shull; Paul E. Shultz; Kale Simerly; Stewart R. Simerly; Broadway V. Sims; Edward B Sitterson; Jack A. Slagle; Ray R. Smith; Antie E. Souder; Lewis Starnes; Floyd Stout; Lonzie J. Stout; L.T. Stout; Eugene H. Street; Claude Swanner; Cameron C. Taylor; Fred Taylor; Hendrix C. Taylor; Jesse J. Taylor; Phil S. Taylor; Stokes M. Taylor; William J. Taylor; George W. Teneyck; Phillip Tolley; Roy Tolley; Roscoe D. Tomlinson; William L. Treadway Jr.; James Tummis; William A. Fance; Amon D. Wagner; William B. Wagner; Clarence W. Walker; Ernest E. Walker; James W. Walker; Lloyd Ward; Robert Watson; Ralph M. Wattenbarger; Paul E. White; Clyde Whitehead; Stewart Whitehead; T.W. Whitehead; William H. Whitson; Roy S. Williams; Tillman H. Williams; Mark P. Wilson; Allen Winters; and Justin C. Walsh.

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Medon A. Bitzer; Bernie B. Britton; Razor J. Campbell; Roscoe C. Campbell; John E. Carver; Mathey G. Cole; Paul Emmert Jr.; Ray m. Guess; Hames R. Hollfield; Earl Lewis; Paul E. Little; Joe P. McKeehan; William C. Nidiffer; Billy B. Norris; Raymond Pierce; Enoch Porter; Joe D. Simerly; Grady Stanley; Robert M. Trivett; Noah H. Tyree Jr.

John P. Avery; James D. Bowers; James W. Bowman; James m. Cornett; James D. Dugger Jr.; Billy J. Ellis; Charles E. Fulton; James C. Gilbert; William L. Greenwell; Tony L. Griffith; Freddie R. Guinn; Floyd S. Harmon; John P. Isaacs; Arnold B. Jackson; Dale A. Johnson; Herbert A. Kehrli; Larry J. Lyons; James H. Markland; Gary D. Murray; Michael P. Oliver; Herman H. Payne; Elbert F. Price Jr.; Robert L. Shaffer; Sam E. Stout; Clifford M. Taylor; Thomas C. Treadway; William J. Williams; Harold W. Wilson; Roy H. Wilson; Allen L. Winters.

Desert Storm
Daniel E. Graybeal

Enduring Freedom

Jefferson D. Davis

J. Trane McCloud; Stephen R. Maddies