Elizabethton’s Davis sets sights on Big 9 tournament

Published 1:49 am Thursday, May 3, 2018

With the regular season wrapped up, Elizabethton senior Blaye Davis is now narrowing his view on the postseason.
Just last year, Davis won the district singles tournament before making a deep run to the region finals. This time around, however, Davis finds himself in a new conference that includes Science Hill, Dobyns-Bennett, and Tennessee High. In the Big 9 Conference, Davis finished the regular season with a 5-3 record in singles. In doubles, Davis competed alongside teammate Jacob Lipford as the two worked to a 5-3 tally.
“The season has gone pretty well for the most part,” said Davis. “During the season, I have just been working on the range of players because we now have Science Hill, Tennessee High, and Dobyns-Bennett in the conference. I have been working on playing aggressive and adjusting to the wide spectrum of players, from good to bad, we have this year.”
Overall, Davis said the jump up to a bigger conference has taken some adjusting.
“It has been alright,” Davis said. “Typically, when I lose to the bigger guys like Tennessee High or something like, it is because I don’t get to hit with them every day. It’s not the skill level, per say. It’s just the experience level with hitting with better players all of the time. They have people at the country clubs that they hit with every day. Whereas I just try to make the best with what I have.”
This year, Davis has opted to compete in the doubles bracket with Lipford. The two head into next week’s tournament seeded at No. 4.
“We have a pretty easy draw until the semifinals,” said Davis. “That is where we could play Science Hill’s one and two. Last week, when we played them, we got two games out of six on them. We will just try to be more aggressive and intense.”
Here recently, Davis signed his with Milligan College, and the EHS senior said it has taken some weight off his shoulders knowing that will be continuing his tennis career into his college years.
“I am really excited to play at Milligan,” said Davis. “Actually, I had not even thought about playing tennis in college until this year. I didn’t think I could do it. I went there and actually hit pretty well with all of the players. Having already signed makes me a lot less nervous since I know that I am going to have another four years of playing tennis and this isn’t my last season.”
It is surprising to find out that Davis didn’t start playing tennis until his freshman year of high school. Davis said it has taken a lot of practice time to excel in a sport that has a pretty steep learning curve.
“Everyday, I was out here with some of the players who are on the team now,” said Davis. “I would put in six hours a day during the summer putting everything that I have into it. My coaches Curtis Brummit and LeAnne Click both have helped me out a lot to get me where I am at today, and I am really thankful for that.”
Elizabethton head coach Leanne Click vouched for Davis’ work ethic.
“Blaye is probably the hardest working kid that I have ever coached,” said Click. “He is out here 24/7. Ever since he started, you could tell he was athletic and had good strokes. He just needed some work and some help on it. He has done that times ten. He has definitely excelled and can compete at the next level. I believe he will do great at Milligan.”
Next weeks Big 9 tournament will start on Monday at Science Hill High School.

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