STAR offers support in time of need

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, March 18, 2020

This is a scary time especially for businesses when the CDC is urging social distancing – no social gatherings of 25 or more.

Businesses are having to change the way they interact with customers. Some restaurants are only offering drive-thru and curbside service.
Schools have closed for a minimum of two weeks. All sporting events have been cancelled.
During times like this it’s easy to think of ourselves. But, we’re in this together, and together we can make it. We can be there to help each other, to support one another. We must have a resolve to stay strong.
Already, we are seeing some things happen in our community that make us proud. Some groups are bagging lunches for school children, our library for the time being is remaining open as a service to the school children in our community.
At a time when residents have been told by officials not to gather in large groups, social media and technology are avenues to support one another.
As your community newspaper, we want to help you. If you are a business, and you are doing things differently, and you need help getting the message out, let us help you. Call our advertising department to learn what we are doing to help you.
If your church is canceling services, but is doing online services, small Bible studies, etc. let us know. Call our office or e-mail us.
At a time when many are hunkering down and practicing social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19, there are businesses and groups of people across the Elizabethton area who are watching out for their neighbors. If you are one of these groups or neighbors, let us know by sending an email to
As Mr. Rogers famously quoted his mother, “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people helping.”
How and what are your children doing while they are out of school? Send us pictures of their activities.
In Italy, where millions of children have been stuck at home because their schools and nurseries have closed, many of the children have started leaving hand-drawn notes in their neighborhoods with the phrases “Don’t give up” or “Hang in there,” the same slogans that have been used frequently on the streets of China since the outbreak began.
We would like to invite the school children of Elizabethton and Carter County to send us drawings of encouragement, which we will print in the STAR. Make sure your name and address is attached, though addresses will not be published.
Some communities are hanging purple ribbons outside businesses and homes.
As a community we must stick together, stay strong, and help one another, and the staff of the Elizabethton STAR is here to tell your story and to help you.
You can call Delaney Scalf, General Manager; Rozella Hardin, Editorial Director; Ivan Sanders, Sports Director and News; Brittany Nave, News;  Brandy Trivette and Joyce Bartlett, Advertising. All of our staff members can be reached at 542-4151. 

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