AAA offers Halloween safety tips to ensure a Spooktacular Night

Published 10:43 am Friday, October 27, 2023

NASHVILLE – As Halloween enthusiasts prepare for a weekend filled with tricks and treats, AAA has released valuable safety recommendations to keep the festivities enjoyable and the roads safe.
Statistics from Safe Kids Worldwide reveal that Halloween poses a greater risk to children, with over twice the likelihood of pedestrian accidents leading to fatalities compared to any other day.
“With Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year, it’s highly probable that celebrations will extend over the weekend and into the main event,” cautions Megan Cooper, spokesperson for AAA – The Auto Club Group. “We implore drivers to exercise extra caution, especially in residential areas. Staying vigilant, reducing speed, and avoiding distractions or impaired driving are paramount to ensuring everyone’s safety.”

AAA’s guidelines for drivers include:
Stay Seated and Buckled: Regardless of your vehicle’s status, all occupants should remain seated and securely fastened.
Designate a Navigator: If you need to consult a map, take photos, or perform any task that diverts your attention from the road, either pull over or delegate these responsibilities to a passenger.
Focus on Safe Driving: Even minor speeding in residential neighborhoods significantly heightens the risks for pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road.
Watch for Trick-or-Treaters: Younger pedestrians can be unpredictable. Look for signs of children’s footwear or costumes hidden beneath parked cars, especially in neighborhoods.
Drive Sober: If you plan to drive, ensure you have a strategy in place to avoid impaired driving. Arrange a sober ride home if your Halloween celebrations involve substances that could impair your driving abilities.

AAA’s Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips:
Stay Visible: Opt for light-colored clothing or costumes to enhance visibility to drivers. If such options are unavailable, consider adding reflective materials or tape to costumes. Providing your child with a glow stick or flashlight can also increase their visibility to drivers.
Cross Streets Safely: Use designated crosswalks and obey traffic signals. Always check both ways before crossing and keep an eye on the road while doing so. Encourage children not to cross streets mid-block or dart out between parked cars in neighborhoods.
Avoid Distractions and Impairment: Save social media updates for before or after trick-or-treating. Refrain from checking your phone while walking or supervising children. Walking while impaired can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence.
Stay on Sidewalks: Utilize sidewalks whenever possible. In the absence of sidewalks, walk facing oncoming traffic and stay as far to the left side of the road as you can.
Adjust Bulky Costumes: Before buckling your child into their car seat, ensure that bulky costumes or winter coats are removed. These items can interfere with the car seat harness, potentially creating dangerous slack in the event of a collision.

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