Hunter Elementary second-graders explore government roles with local visitors

Published 1:48 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Hunter Elementary School’s second-grade students delved into the realm of government workers as part of their reading curriculum. The young scholars seized the chance to interact with some of their county’s dedicated workers, gaining insights into their daily responsibilities.
Mayor Patty Woodby, along with her assistant Kenzey Hill, graced the classrooms, shedding light on the Mayor’s diverse duties, with a special emphasis on education. Mayor Woodby elucidated the allocation of taxes to fund various services, providing students with a tangible understanding of how their community functions. Notably, the school is currently undergoing an expansion project, allowing students to witness firsthand the impactful use of tax dollars.
Student Resource Officer Jenna Markland engaged in a lively show and tell session, allowing students to try on her police vest and explore her patrol car. She shared the qualifications required to become a police officer, emphasizing the importance of adherence to rules and laws in maintaining a safe community.
Children’s librarian Ashlee Williams from the Elizabethton Carter County Public Library visited, enlightening students on the process of obtaining a library card. Williams encouraged students and their families to explore the library’s offerings, including books, movies, audio books, as well as computer and printer services. Special events, such as storytime and reading sessions with therapy dogs, were highlighted on the library’s website.
Todd McKinley, a U.S. Army Veteran, captivated the classes with a discussion on the paramount importance of education as the “key to success.” Drawing from his experiences as a retired soldier and current politician, McKinley shared insights gained from working at the White House Communication Agency. He now hosts a weekly radio show, “The Common Sense Conservative,” where he expresses his perspectives on current events.
Hunter Elementary’s second-grade students not only learned about the roles of local, state, and federal government but also relished the opportunity to interact with community members who generously shared their knowledge. The students actively participated by posing insightful questions, creating a valuable and engaging learning experience.

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